Residential Insurance Claims

Damage to your home can be a devastating blow. Besides the loss of your home and personal possessions, your emotional state during this difficult time can make it hard to think clearly and objectively.

Many homeowners don’t even know what their insurance policy covers, let alone how to go about filing a claim. When filing a residential insurance claim, there are many factors you need to consider:

  • Where will you live while your home is being rebuilt?

  • Will your insurance company really take care of you?

  • How will all of this be paid for?

  • When are you going to find the time to deal with your insurance claim?

  • How will all those hours affect your family? Your job?


It is your responsibility to prepare your claim and itemize your damages. How much you get compensated for your loss is highly dependent on the quality of information that you provide on your insurance claim. You're required to prepare estimates, inventory and value all damaged personal property, complete all the necessary claim documentation, meet with insurance

company experts, and be available at the insurance company's request.


Homeowners have little or no experience handling an insurance claim. Insurance companies handle claims every day.


Who is protecting you throughout your claims process?

You need to hire Fortitude Public Adjusters for any insurance claim. We are experts in filing claims to get you the best settlement possible. As Public Adjusters, we work for you, advocating on your behalf, and never for insurance companies.


Free consultation and no obligation

We understand the emotional and physical stress a loss can cause. The unknowns of an ensuing claims process can add additional anxiety. It's worth your time to meet with us and do a free claim review. 


We will level the playing field between you and your insurance company. When you hire us, we're on your side throughout the entire process protecting you. You don’t pay us until the insurance company pays you.

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