Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a public adjuster?

To add a The insurance company is not interested in giving you everything you need to return your life back to normal. They are interested in paying you as little as possible for your claim. Your public adjuster works on your behalf to ensure your fair settlement and your fair treatment during the process of filing a claim. The insurance company sends their expert out to low ball you on every item in your home. They put you up in the cheapest place possible while your home is restored. They hire restoration companies that have their best interests in mind, not yours. A public adjuster fights for you from the moment you file your claim until you get the settlement you deserve.

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a personal insurance claim expert who represents your best interests when you are dealing with your insurance company. They offer you peace of mind during one of the most stressful events in your life and make sure you get a fair settlement to get your life back to normal.

How does Fortitude get paid?

We only get paid when you do. It is in our best interest (and yours) to get you the largest claim we can. That means you get a much larger settlement check even after we take our 10% fees. Our customers typically get a settlement that is 30% larger than if they handle the claim themselves.

How do you determine the value of your lost possessions?

This can be one of the hardest steps in filing your claim. We help you go item by item in your house to determine how much it will cost you to replace your lost possessions. Some things, like family photos or heirlooms, are sadly irreplaceable. We do our best to get you the fair price for everything you’ve lost and leave you feeling like you are back in your home when we are done dealing with the insurance company for you.

What quality of housing should my insurance company provide during a house insurance claim?

The insurance company is required to give you the same quality of a living situation that you had before your loss. Instead they try to put you in the cheapest option for them. We fight for your rights and make sure your life isn’t unnecessarily interrupted more than it already has been.

My property insurance claim was denied, now what?

If your property insurance claim was denied, you shouldn’t give up. It could have been a simple error that caused your claim to be denied that could be easily fixed. Contacting a professional is the right next step to see if they can help you with your claim.

Is it better to contact a public adjuster before filing a property insurance claim?

It is always better to contact a public adjuster BEFORE filing your claim. This ensures that you don’t waste time and get your payment sooner. If you have already filled your claim, don’t panic! A public adjuster can jump into the process at any time!

Does a public adjuster handle everything? Will I still have to deal with my insurance company?

Once you hire a public adjuster, the process for you is almost completely hands-off. You still may be required to provide some information and make yourself available to talk with estimators, but the public adjuster will still be with you during these parts of the process.

How long will it take for my property insurance claim take to settle?

This depends on the type of claim that you are filing, its value, and your insurance company. Some companies are notorious for taking much longer to pay out settlements, while others are easy to work with. In addition, the larger amount of money your settlement would be for, the longer it typically takes as the insurance company doesn’t want to pay out that much money. Overall, you can expect the process to be much shorter than if you would have gone it alone.

What damage should my property insurance cover?

One mistake that many homeowners make is not knowing for sure what types of damage that their insurance actually covers. Your insurance should cover damages for most natural disasters and acts of nature (Floods, Hail, Wind, etc.) and also many forms of damage such as fire, smoke, and water that can be caused by many different things. It is important to review your insurance documents and be aware of any blind spots you might have or unclear language that may leave you in danger of not getting a settlement. If you have questions, talk to a professional (not your insurance company) to see what they could uncover.

Is a public adjuster an attorney in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, Public Adjusters do not need to be practicing attorneys or carry a license. It is much more important in Wisconsin to do your research and work with an adjuster that you trust and know has the experience needed to maximize your claim.

Should I work with a public adjuster or an attorney?

The difference between public adjusters and insurance attorneys comes down to them when they become involved, and how much they charge. Public adjusters can become involved in your claim before you even get your first settlement offer. Lawyers won’t get involved until you have received an offer that came in “bad faith”. Lawyers will also charge by the hour and charge legal feed. Public adjusters won’t charge you by the hour and are generally less expensive to work with in the long run.

What are red flags to look for when working with an insurance company?

There are a few big things to look for when dealing with your insurance company. The first is when they try to rush you into accepting a settlement. If the process seems rushed, there is probably a reason for that! Also, when you get an offer from your insurance company and it seems low, it probably is. Trust your gut and understand that you do not need to accept the first settlement offer from your insurance company.

What are the different property insurance claims a public adjuster can help with?

Public adjusters can help you with pretty much any property insurance claim that you can think of. From storm and water to fire and smoke, we can help you with it all!

If I can't handle this myself and I need to hire professional help, where do I find the right help?

You’re in the right place! Whether you have already received your settlement, or are about to file a claim, contact Fortitude public adjusters and we will get to work FOR YOU!

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